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People who suffer from mental health issues are everywhere, but they are silent because of fear. Fear that no one will understand them or fear being rejected. We care about problems and are ready to help. We want to create a website and show what it means to suffer from mental illnesses. So our idea is to make a website that can help people who suffer mentally with their mental health by learning them what's mental issues and how can we solve them. So our site will be useful for both people who suffer from mental problems and who are interested in this field. There's a section for the solutions and how they can deal with it. Also, we think that people's connections are the best cure, so our website is open for those who need a piece of advice or consultation. There's a section for only the patients to communicate with each other and share their pain and feel that they're not alone. We will recommend many things that they can do, like games and entertainment, to reduce the pain and feel better. We want to share our message that everyone deserves to live a happy life and can pass these hard periods without costing anything. Everything is free. We only care about you!

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Crew members

Maryam Mostafa (Leader)
Mullina Elina
Laziza Abirqulova
Kirolos talaat
Eman Ali
Haneen Elweresh