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Over 200 million people around the world are unemployed. As the population rapidly expands, 600 million more jobs are needed to maintain economic sustainability in the next 15 years. This is a huge global issue that requires a structural change in the current education and economic system. Children need quality education and access to technology from an early age onto adulthood. We need to help remote communities adapt to the advancement of society. Our solution is to create a global network between young people and companies or organizations across the globe. We will provide one complete, comprehensive journey from start to finish, starting with people exploring and learning about various industries through the VR content that organizations and companies provide. Ending with, people matching with mentors, internships, and jobs. We will have sponsorships with companies and organizations. They will be able to promote themselves and gain new hires, and we will receive funds to distribute the technological resources to our other customers. Our long-term goal is to build a global job market that incorporates people from a diverse set of places, economic backgrounds, and talents.

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