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Most global crises (hunger, pollution, wars) share at least 2 common traits - that they are merely the symptoms of a deeper problem and that they are caused by us, humans. Currently, the most powerful people still can’t seem to understand that we are all stuck on a rock in the middle of nowhere and continue making poor, ignorant and selfish decisions (investing trillions of dollars into military, trying to pile billions to their names even though they can never spend it, for example) mainly driven by greed, internal insecurities and complexes. Our team’s efforts are put into solving the long-term problem of lack of consciousness. But how do we create new leaders? Are we all born true leaders? No, leadership and especially positive leadership is taught through parenting and the individual's surroundings, both heavily luck dependent. Right now, we are basically rolling dice with humanity’s future, and we want to put our own fate back in our hands by firstly fixing education. The full description you can find here: Detailed presentation:

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