Urban Noise Reduction

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We aim to mimic female bush frogs' ability to reduce urban noise pollution, by developing a wearable that mimics the technology which frogs use. The device will not only be integrated into a compact wearable but will furthermore be integrated seamlessly onto humans bodies, in order to provide a seemingly invisible experience. The beacon detection technology will be applied in order to deactivate the noise cancellation near train or street crossings. Furthermore, the materials used will not only be sourced from ethically responsible, sustainable sources, but will be integrated into an attractive maintenance and return policy, thus allowing the device to stay in use for many years and become a part of the circular economy. The integration of nearfield communication abilities will furthermore allow for notifications, human speech, and soothing ambient noise to not be filtered, thus providing a soothing experience for the individuals making use of the device. Hence, the noise pollution which is responsible for many diseases is filtered out while ambient noises which the individual prefers will not be filtered. This customization will be possible through a digital application.

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Maximilian Marka
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