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Green walls offer many benefits such as a boost in productivity, higher oxygen concentration and noise reduction. We have designed an irrigation system made of bamboo pipes, which are sustainably sourced and offers a low-cost alternative to traditional, mechanised irrigation systems. Planter boxes are made of coconut fibre, a waste product of the coconut industry. We offer modular panels, allowing the customer to choose the size of the wall required, and a choice in plants, which have been carefully selected for their individual properties, such as house-cooling ivy or drought-resistant and pollinator-supporting coneflowers. Target markets will include polluted cities in East, South-East and South Asia, such as Xian. The Urban Flora walls are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making them suitable for offices, the exterior of apartment buildings or simply inside your home. Our solution is up to 11x cheaper than existing green walls, at ~£55 per unit. Most green walls require specialist installation, while the Urban Flora wall can be easily assembled at home. Modules can be secured together to create stunning green walls of any shape and size. Join the plant revolution!

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