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By developing quantum dot (nanoscale crystal structures) bioconjugates, we can create a drug delivery system beneficial for treating the highly specific cancer of chronic lymphocytic leukemia that has affected millions. Compound chemo drugs will be specifically targeted at the tumors and lessen the severity of the regular side effects of the common, ineffective chemotherapy, possibly even preventing the side effects altogether, something 27% of chemotherapy patients die from. By using quantum dot bioconjugates, we can not only reuse the quantum dots for future treatments but also completely reduce toxicity to the outside environment. Going through cancer treatment and chemotherapy is also often extremely hard on patients and families as people struggle from not only the cancer, but also the chemo side effects. Because Apollo has a shorter treatment time as well as no side effects, patients will be able to heal faster and not suffer. Families won't be in pain watching their loved ones suffer. Improving cancer treatments will also give the world a boost of hope overall as it is something we have been trying to fix for decades.

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