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Our vision is to make the planet clean and safe as it was. We are doing so with the help of drone technology and some innovation. We plan to use 4 parts of the drone to collect toxic waste all around the city, organizing it and making innovative projects to gather funds for charity. While the drone shall fly over the city, it shall also purify the air with a filtration system and with the help of the snake plant too. We shall have human and trash sensors to detect trash and if there are any humans near the trash, we shall not go near it and come back later. The drone will itself use an alternative source of energy to power itself and create a better environment. The drone's trash collecting part will also be made of wolverine cloth- an indestructible cloth for materials (highly impenetrable). If our idea is a success, we hope that this can help reducing global warming by at least 9% in the world. And that's the minimum. We cannot think to imagine what the the maximum will be!

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Arnav Chopra
Yara Bayado
Sunaina Sahoo
Nada Ossama