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First of all we have to reduce the amount of oil based plastic products and use biodegradable hemp plastic instead.Because it takes 10 thousand year to decay oil based plastic while hemp plastic completely disappears in 60 days.Secondly, in order to clean marine water we are gonna utilize drones and nets. We will take a pair of drons and attach the water resistant net on them. When they fly above the ocean the net gathers all the trash in water and then they will bring it to the beach.After that, trucks take them to a special plant where we burn plastic and use the heat as an energy source. Also the special chimneys equipped with filter turns harmful gas into oxygen.Finally, the reamins of burned plastic can be used in construction as well. To sum up, all the process we are doing is environment friendly. This is because our aim is to make our world a better and a clean place.

Crew members

Mubina Madaminova
Shohsanam Uktamova
Sarvinoz Rahimjonova
Abdulaziz Tukhtasinov
Sayfiddin Abdullayev
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