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We only require simple but powerful tools that are easily available.

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In India, democracy is mostly out of reach for the average citizen unless they have family members who are actively involved in politics. As a result, there is a decrease in both possibilities to actually change things and awareness of how governments operate. Few people are aware of the difficulties that their neighbourhood is facing. Students spend their entire lives studying political science in theory but never practise it. This would allow you to directly experience the same thing. By resolving local issues and assisting a larger segment of society that municipal corporations would not be able to serve, this would also serve as a direct extension of local government. With the help of the capital allotted, participants in our monthly events will analyze local issues, debate them, and then devise and implement a novel solution using the rules and procedures of an actual government. At the same time, we will instruct them and walk them through every step of the procedure, enhancing their knowledge of and respect for democracy. In essence, it is similar to Model United Nations but lasts for a month and participants actually implement issues rather than merely discussing them.

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Divyansh Jajoo
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