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SDG 06
(Just arduino motors)Robotics

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97 percent of the earth's water is salty water. So we wanted to find a new economic way to purifying them. After a lot of searching, we have found that Halophile Bacteria that can break down salts. They use the high-salt-in strategy to survive from them, in which they accumulate inorganic ions intracellularly to balance the salt concentration in their environment. So we can use it to breakdown water salts to be our first step of purifying the water Also, we will use sand to remove the large particles, and the Artificial Carbon to remove the bad odor and taste. We kept in mind that the bacteria will take time to remove the salt from the water, so we decided to put a gate between the first and second stage that will open every 30 seconds (theoretically) by using Arduino motors.

Crew members

Bishoy Hany
Verina Youssef
Aydariya Dzhusupova
Alua Makasheva