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The voting for the #beapirate challenge 2022 ended.



At Teentrepreneurs we aim to impact widespread economic growth & create shared prosperity around the world by making entrepreneurship free and fun for anyone, anywhere. With more than half of the world's population in possession of a mobile device, we are in the process of creating a free and easy to use online platform that makes entrepreneurship education accessible to anyone with a phone, tablet or computer. Our platform will breed passionate entrepreneurs from all walks of life and result in positive economic development worldwide by creating a space for users to: •CONNECT with strategic networks, •LEARN valuable entrepreneurial leadership skills and •ACT on solving global problems using entrepreneurial thinking. We use easy-to-use technology so that anyone anywhere can navigate our platform with ease and transform their lives and communities to the best of their ability. Teentrepreneurs prides itself in not only teaching entrepreneurship but creating a platform for users to take action as well. Teentrepreneurs is leading a new era of entrepreneurship education making entrepreneurship free and fun for anyone anywhere.

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