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Carbon Capture Technology

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Using carbon capture technology that’s most present in factories, we plan to use the Carbon Dioxide collected and then convert through a newly discovered effective catalyst into Ethanol, an organic compound that has been proven to work as an sustainable yet effective alternative to fuel, which we will then use as fuel for vehicles. According to the experiments conducted, Ethanol has been proven to produce less carbon emissions than gasoline by 19-48%, which will hugely contribute to the successful achievement of the SDGs 7,11,and13 by the hoped time. It will also help us reach the desired goal “net zero carbon by 2050”. Implementing our idea breaks the barriers we previously had of using Ethanol as a fuel alternative despite its efficiency, as Ethanol was used in small quantities in fuels due to the high cost of its production if it was made from cellulose (Cellulosic Ethanol), and the great cons it had when being manufactured through corn( Corn-based Ethanol), as it used a large portion of corn crops, had high production cost, and it’s production not being energy sustainable.

Crew members

Salma Samy
Basmala Ahmed
Shrouk Taher
Nour Ahmed
Abdelrahman Mustafa