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ARC, Aerial Reconnaissance Craft, is a semi-autonomous drone that surveys endangered species by logging their location, reporting back their health to game rangers and identifying poaching hotspots.

The drone is entirely 3D printed, therefore parts can be easily swapped out. Additionally, parts are lighter and can be more durable than wood. The drone is also completely weather-proof.

Our product is a looped ecosystem. It logs POI and AI-driven species recognition straight back to an App that is easily interfaced and in multiple languages. This process is real-time and deploys early warning systems to teams on the ground whilst being completely unobtrusive to animals and potential poaching incursions. The location of animals is relayed to units using 'What 3 Words.' We understand that the ease of use and UX of the App are essential in allowing the technology to truly scale and be simply operationalized.

Language and technology barriers are points of resistance for technology penetration in the developing world. Our product focuses on training and UX to create an inclusive, intuitive, and culturally specific experience.

ARC is sponsored by Beautiful News.

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