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We will vaporise water in an aluminum container above the ground, this container will be closed. It has two tubes from its side and each tube has two branches. We will open the tubes using sensors, after the container become filled with vapor. So, vapor will flow through the tubes.

In order to heat the first container and vaporise the water, the project will be setted in the Moroccan Sahara Desert (which has temperature 70⁰-80⁰), then we just need limited heat for the water using the photovoltaic cell to make the water reach temperature higher than 100c to vaporise. The four branches will take the flow of vapor from the container which is above the ground to a container under the ground.

The second container will be under the ground to be isolated from the heat above the ground. It will take the flow of the vapor to turn four turbines and placed in the container.

After the vapor rotate the turbines and produce electricity it will flow to third container under the ground which will be cooled. Then, the water vapor will condense, and we can pump the condensed water using water pump to the ground again and put it in the first container, then produce electricity again as a cycle.

Crew members

Yousef Rashad
Mariam Chihabi
Haneen Mostafa
Inkar Tulegenova
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