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Recent modern technologies and newfound innovations have the potential to accelerate the power of medicine and healthcare. The creation of new technologies shaped the world in many ways, but the growth in the power and outreach of healthcare has not yet taken place. With MedNet, we hope to be able to move beyond barriers and borders, by introducing an integrative platform that allows an efficient sharing of ideas and communication from all across the world. In the platform, potential patients are able to interact with medical experts and researchers from all across the world, allowing them to get in touch with incoming clinical trials or new medical breakthroughs to solve particular illnesses. Moreover, doctors and fellow researchers will be able to communicate and collaborate on their medical knowledge, furthering everyone’s understanding of medicine. In the future, MedNet has the ability to revolutionize healthcare in a positive way, by being able to reach out to people from all around the world with the use of the internet. Globalization will hit this world fast, and with it come new findings to crack the medical code. Linktree:

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