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We are working on a project called 'IYASHI'. A Japanese word which means healing. As the name depicts, our main goal is mental well-being. So fear is a state of mind which holds us back many times, and sometimes we are unaware if it's our fear or something else. Therefore we came up with an idea, where we aim to detect and overcome our fears by an AI based device. So our device has two parts one for detection and second for relaxation or we can say to reduce the fear and stress level. Our band (first part of the device) will detect whenever a person is scared based on various parameters. Then the skin patch will be alerted by the band based on some algorithms and coding, after the patch is alerted it will start vibrating at the points of adrenaline and vagus nerve in order to reduce the fear level and relax us. We have an additional feature to it, which is a emergency button when pressed once will share the user's location to the contacts which were set up by the user while signing up the device, in case of an emergency. Therefore our aim is to bring more peace, confidence and courage among people. Let's fight our fears together and bring a small change in this big world!

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Aadya Anindita