HFC (hydrogen fuel cell)

SDG 07
Data Science

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In order to reduce the drawbacks of using fossil fuels, our project is Generating electricity by using hydrogen fuel cell because there’s a huge amount of aluminum wastes in Egypt can be used with HCL to produce hydrogen that require to power the cell in order to generate electricity. The prototype consists of two parts which are the glass beaker and the plastic container. The glass beaker is where the hydrogen in HCL replaces the aluminum in aluminum chloride .50 ml of HCL are used with 1 gram of aluminum in a single replacement reaction to produce 1.24 ml hydrogen. The plastic container represents the fuel cell hydrogen splits into ions and electrons at the part of the anode and the electrons transfers to the part of the cathode through a wire and the electric current occurred ,the ions transfer to the part of the cathode by a sodium chloride solution as an electrolyte, the cathode combines the ions and electrons with the oxygen from the air forming water

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