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Alzheimer is a progressive neurological disease that relates to the dysfunction of memory and other important cognitive and mental functions. It is often related to dementia. According to the Alzheimer's Association, it was estimated that in 2020 more than five and a half million people between the ages of sixty-five and older suffered from the diagnostician of Alzheimer's. As well Alzheimer’s patients suffer a lot and need assistant all the time. So we want to help others be "Remember me" is an app that seeks to support people with Alzheimer's. Oftentimes when we hear the word Alzheimer we are bombarded with different definitions and ideas that can often be misleading or not true. And mainly, this is due to the fact that not many people know what Alzheimer's is, they are not diagnosed, or they broadly generalize the term without knowing exactly what this disease is all about. This app will also help the non-patients by providing them the proper information to know more about and try not to do things that cause Alzheimer's.

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