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Millions of paraplegic and legless people around the world suffer, this suffering is related with lower rates of school enrollment and economic participation, and it carries significant individual and social costs. And that’s why we came up with our idea. The project design and programming were focused on making it easy to use. By pushing some buttons u can move in any direction. The gears use pressure to provide safe walking and climbing without slipping. In addition to, a detachable seat and belt to provide safety specially for legless people. People will be able to order the project from our website and it will be delivered straightforward to their houses, with the ability to customize the outer design as they prefer so they can wear a gadget that represents their interests. The website will have a section to receive all of the people’s suggestion to improve the design to fit their needs. And we will contact charities and governments to make the project affordable for everyone, as most of the people with disabilities don't get the chance to have decent job. We believe that everyone has the potential to change the world.

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Marwan Mohamed
Sandhya Dassaye
Yousef Yasser
Minyar Toujani
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