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Ozone layer depletion can be avoided by first understanding the root of the problem. This means that first, the students have to understand what causes ozone layer depletion and then reduce those practices as much as possible.The depletion of ozone layer essay also provides the following effects of the depletion. Because of the consumption of the ozone layer, the Earth is presented to ultra-disregard radiation. These beams cause a harmful impact on living creatures on the Earth. It influences the cycle of photosynthesis in plants. Ascend in the temperature, different skin infections, a decline of invulnerability, and so forth are the plausible outcomes. Direct presentation to bright radiations prompts skin and eye malignant growth in creatures. Tiny fishes are incredibly influenced by the introduction to destructive bright beams. These are higher in the amphibian natural way of life.In conclusion,preserving the ecology will ensure the longevity of life on earth. Thus that we must prevent depletion of ozone layer. The reason is that our generations are worth to better life

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