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We are students from all over the world, have faced many consequences of the climate crisis around the world, and have decided to take action on this issue As the COVID 19 crisis has led many people from different ages to social media platforms, we took this as an opportunity to launch our project, considering the lack of information on the environmental crisis, we aim to spread awareness through social media, providing some solutions that anyone can apply in their community.
With the work of our team members, we aim to create a global community where students can gather together with the same interest, providing teens from all over the world, content on the climate crisis in a creative way, opening opportunities for them to be part of this movement, as well as creating a space where all of their stories can be heard and get inspired to take action.
In the future, we aim to create an app where students can be informed, and a place where they meet and interact with students who share the same passion, we providing them with free courses on ecology and climate action, inspiring them to identify the resources that surround them, and applying their knowledge in their communities.

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Crew members

Mohammed Ahmed
Daniel Boateng
Ishak Harel
Mälin Hurtado
Rihab Maaroufi
Athara Jacques