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The voting for the #beapirate challenge 2022 ended.



EarthlingShip is a non-profit community where people can connect, collaborate and work together towards a better world in terms of environment. The main features are that people in our community can talk to each other and share their information, which will be verified for its relevance and reliability by the team. We also have many other components. Carbon footprint counters will be developed that will help the users monitor their daily carbon emissions and provide them with suggestions that can be used to reduce those emissions. We will be collaborating with other organizations like NGOs and governmental organizations to introduce plans like a gross ecological product after the gross domestic product. Effective and specialized courses will be created for educating the younger generations. We will promote our ideas using various media and sports like marathons for climate and also provide our users with achievement badges and motivation. We will be sharing the latest and the best tools to fight climate change that have been invented but haven't been marketed that well. We will provide support and help to our users to bring their innovations and ideas to life.

Crew members

Shubham Patel
Abhinav Awasthi
Daria Leshchenko
Elham Nagy