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The informal sector constitutes a large percentage of the global economy with 61% of all workers being employed informally. In spite of the contributions of this sector, given their operation outside of the formal economy, much of the economic activity that occurs within the informal sector is largely unregulated and unprotected by the state; thus, the lack of fixed wages, proper work environments, written rules and agreements, and formal contracts between employers and employees remains an issue. Entities within the informal sector are also largely untaxed, falling outside of the standard tax net. Hence, Comercio seeks to establish a system that allows for members of the informal sector to be brought over to the formal sector. The means through which this is to be achieved is through the creation of an app to serve as a platform for members of the informal economy to conduct their business formally.

Crew members

Marco Antonio Agonia
Raul Jarod Conanan
Santiago Anton Suarez
Justin Marc Dionisio
Angelo Soliveres
Ross Yvailo Batacan