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Misinformation promoted across people's digital presence has had many consequences worldwilde, in different areas including health and well-being, climate awareness and action, equality and inclusion. Check it! Is an innovative software based on computer thinking, artificial inteligence and machine learning that allows you to input any kind of written information and have it scored on its accuracy. The software compares your piece of information to a vast collection of words commonly used in misinformation articles, and through an advanced algorithm, gives your source a rating based on its medical accuracy. But Check It! is more than just a fancy software. It is a free platform designed to fight misinformation. We have pages with resources that educate people about this subject and we are working on a program to teach and educate people who don't have access to the internet. More than trying to solve one or two SDG's, our idea is set on solving on of the root causes of the goal's underachievement: misinformation.

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