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Our idea is divided into three processes: 1)The first procedure utilizes the waste heat from any industry and transfers it to electricity by the help of the seeback effect and the Peltier effect. This process uses a device called thermoelectric generator (TEG). 2)The second process is known as fermentation and condensation.The fluid is accomplished by combining molasses and yeast with water and leaving them for 3-5 days. The sap is then poured to a pressure vessel, where the distillation process happens. 3) For the carbon capture process, the air is pulled inside the facility, then sent through processes that separate CO2, convert it into a liquid that is pumped underground, and then CO2 is absorbed into a solution of water that bonds CO2 and potassium hydroxide that flows across the PVC system, where the process of concentrating the captured CO2 begins. The solution is pumped. Calcium carbonate is formed when calcium hydroxide is added, it holds carbon.The pellet solution is separated from the potassium hydroxide in a centrifuge. Calcium carbonate is transformed to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide in a calciner at a high temperature. Calcium carbonate is back to calcium hydroxide

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