Braille Brains

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PROBLEM As deaf-blind people can't see as well as hear, this made it challenging for them for getting educational access and being active in  social interactions which lead to social isolation. OUR SOLUTION The project we are creating is  a portable AI aided A.T (assistive technology) which translates the voice and text through an AI  recognition method and translates them into braille text and vice versa. The translated information would be displayed on the temporary display made up of refreshable Braille cells. A Braille keyboard is used to communicate back. The information is outputted through text and voice on a connected device. This project would makes the social interaction and educational access way easier for them. -Braille Brains' device can translate content inputted through a device -Flexible display of translation ,which erases the previous translation accordingly -Both cord and Solar chargeable device ,which enables the user to use it in anytime, anywhere .Few features like solar chargeable, offline translation (benefit from future collaboration) would save running cost of the device. OUR PURPOSE We empower them with our device to make them use their full potential.

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