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our idea is about making an app called "Alivio" that includes: 1) A free test that is made by a group of pschiatrists which will help you check on your mental health, the answeres will also be revised by psychiatrits and given to you privately through the way that you choose. 2) two safe and secure platforms, one for those whom the test have shown that they are suffering from something, and the other for the people who are interested in using our app for their mental health and to get educated. 3) A virtual friend "Alivio" that will guide you through our app, follow up with you, check if you have developed a new uncommon symptom, be your trusted friend that will listen to you no matter what and help you to get motivated. 4) booking a psychiatrist. 5) A window for questions so you can ask whatever you want to know about. 6) events to raise awarness and help people in expressing their feelings. 7) self care and tips area to reminde you of taking care of yourself in every aspect of life. 8) an open feed to share your favourite quotes and videos, get inspired, motivated and educated. posts will be revised by our team and algorithms to prevent any bad posts.

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