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It is a known fact that overuse of agricultural land has led to many problems mainly consisting of soil erosion and loss of fertility. Moreover, the rapidly growing population is continuing to take useful agricultural lands in its folds to accommodate housing and recreational facilities.

Agri-Initiatives are trying to bring a change in the agricultural practices that have been carried out in the past. we are putting forward a solution that utilizes the minimum amount of land to yield the maximum products, in the cheapest way possible, without compromising the nutritional values of these agricultural products.

As a bonus our solution does not use soil, giving the earth's crust a rest. While developing our solution we are also keeping climate change in mind. over the past few years droughts and changes in the rainfall patterns have highly impaired the ability of some areas to produce any agricultural products. we intend to provide a solution that can be used in all parts of the world in all types of weather conditions and in the minimum amount of land used.

OUR main focus is on SDG's 15.2, 15.3, 15.c, 2.3, 12, and 2.4

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