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We are a team creating educational reading materials that are made from recycled plastic, and that focus on the ideas of climate change and sustainability. The world is facing multiple crises, such as unemployment, the climate crisis, economic inequality, educational inequality and many more. We wanted to create an idea that has an intersectional purpose and one that can solve more than one problem, particularly unemployment, climate change and educational inequality. By creating these textbooks/reading books that are made from plastic, it reduces the amount of plastic waste in the world and it allows the plastics industry to change its purpose and thus create more jobs. Furthermore, it allows the plastic industry to create certainty in an increasingly eco-friendly world, as well as increase access to educational materials in areas that have limited access to online educational platforms/materials. We believe that this idea can empower, educate and equip people across Africa and the world economically and socially, and thus help us to make the world a better place.

Crew members

Beatrice Wharton-Hood
Rawda Zaki
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