Moonshot Pirates are always ready to hijack the rules, to question the status quo, and sail their own ways. However, for the sake of unity and student safety, there have to be some ground rules: The following rules are non-negotiable and mandatory for all Bootcamp organizers.


Your Bootcamp must maintain the spirit of Moonshot Pirates found in the Principles: 

#1. We give a damn. We care!

    • Prioritize your students before everything else: Our students’ needs are our needs.
    • Treat students like superstars and make them feel special. 
    • Play it forward: Be there to support them in every possible way.

#2. We go for the WOW moments. 

    • Go the extra mile and find ways to surprise. 
    • Be creative and always strive to improve the experience. 
    • Allow and encourage students to surprise you too.

#3. We believe all pirates should follow their own path. 

    • Treat students as 100% entrepreneurs during the Bootcamps; allow them to decide. 
    • Allow mentors to inspire and encourage, but not to judge nor show opinions. 
    • Don’t act as a teacher.

#4. We are not alone. We focus on community.

    • Tap into the global Moonshot Pirates movement & ask for advice and help.
    • Share your experience. 
    • Turn the 3 days into a community experience. 
    • Engage in the community: Connect and build trust & relationships before, during, and after the Bootcamps.

#5. We live by example. 

    • Think and act green. 
    • Use public transport for speakers and mentors.
    • Offer sports activities.
    • Provide healthy food.
    • Be inclusive in all that you do.

#6. We hijack the rules… 

    • As pirates, we think and act differently and are generally a crazy bunch of people. 
    • Embrace creativity and new perspectives

#7. …but we follow the law.

    • Make sure students feel safe.
    • Follow the law regarding alcohol, cigarettes, etc.  
    • Have people in charge of night shifts. 
    • Know and trust your team

#8. We have fun!

  • Life is too short to be bitter. 
  • Your top priority for everyone involved is: FUN!


The purpose of Moonshot Pirates is to disrupt the global educational system by creating a global movement of future-oriented talents and young changemakers who are fueled by fun and driven by purpose. This should be reflected in your Bootcamp. 


  • Up to 35 individuals approximately from the age of 15-19 may attend your Bootcamp, not including speakers, mentors, and crew. 
  • The Pitch Night on the last day must be open to the public.


  • Your Bootcamp must reflect the Moonshot Pirates spirit of diversity both in terms of themes and in the professional and personal profile of your speakers, mentors and crew members. 
  • A gender balance in terms of speakers, mentors and crew members should be strived for, as well as a gender balance in terms of Bootcamp participants. 


  • Your Bootcamp may not be shorter than nor exceed three days in length. 
  • Your Bootcamp does not have to take place during a weekend



Speaker Content Guidelines

  • Your Bootcamp must include all of the three main topics: Moonshot Mindset, Exponential Technologies & Trends, and Start Building What Matters (Entrepreneurship). At least one keynote and/or workshop for each of the topics should be included in your Bootcamp. 
  • Keynotes may not include any commercial, political or religious agendas. Speakers cannot promote their own products, books, or businesses, or those of a company which employs them. Keynotes can only feature technology, product demos, or books that inform an idea presented in a talk.

Keynotes, workshops and mentoring

  • Every idea, project, topic, challenge or solution should be given a chance. 
  • Keynotes, workshops and mentoring are meant to guide, not direct. 
  • Keynotes, workshops and mentoring are inclusive, not judgmental.



  • The licensee must be the main organizer of the Bootcamp. Should this not be the case, Moonshot Pirates reserves the right to revoke the license. 
  • The license is free for individuals. Companies have to buy a corporate license. 

Bootcamp Location

  • Moonshot Pirates grants one location-based license per applicant. 
  • Your Bootcamp must take place in the location you applied for. 
  • A Moonshot Pirates license is valid for one location and one Bootcamp.

License Term

  • Your Moonshot Pirates license is valid for one year from its date of approval, and you must produce your Bootcamp within that year. 
  • You must re-apply for each subsequent Bootcamp. 

License Relinquishment

  • Moonshot Pirates licenses are non-transferable: You cannot transfer your Moonshot Pirates license to another individual. If you want to relinquish your license to allow another organizer to have it, you’ll need to notify us first. The new licensee will need to fill out their own application.


Naming & Name Usage

  • Because the Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps exist to serve their communities, each Bootcamp is named after its unique location, such as a state, city, or neighborhood.
  • All your branding must follow the Branding Manual
  • You must always refer to your Bootcamp with the full name your license was approved for in all copy, messaging, logos, etc. For example, if your licensed name is “Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp München”, you may not refer to your event as “Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp Munich” or any other variation.
  • Your Bootcamp name should be written as Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp Location with “M”, “P” and “B” in capital letters. 

Brand Positioning

  • Make it clear in all communications that your Bootcamp is an independently organized Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp. 
  • Make it clear that you are an independent Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp organizer and not an employee of Moonshot Pirates. 
  • Ensures that your speakers, mentors and crew abide by these rules as well. 

Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps Are Independent

  • Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps are standalone events. 
  • Bootcamps may not be combined with or integrated into any other kind of event. 
  • Bootcamps cannot be co-branded: the Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp logo/identity/name may not be connected to another organization, non-profit, cooperation or other entity unless they have bought a corporate license. 


Not For Profit Event

  • Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps are based on volunteering. 
  • You may give away or sell Moonshot Pirates branded products during your Bootcamp and during your license term in order to support your Bootcamp. 


  • Everyone should have a chance to participate in the Bootcamps, so you must offer different tickets from scholarships to the full price tickets as well as hero tickets. Prices should match your national valuta. Do not expect ticket sales to cover more than 25 % of your expenses. 

Speaker & Mentor Fees

  • Bootcamps may neither pay nor charge speakers and mentors. 
  • Partners of your Bootcamp cannot be speakers and can never present from the stage.

Rules of Partnership

  • Partners are not allowed any editorial control or influence over your Bootcamp. 
  • You may not approach any partner from our prohibited industries list: 
    • Adult-oriented products/services
    • Tobacco/cigarettes
    • Weapons, ammunitions, and defense
    • Environmentally or socially unfriendly industries (e.g. oil industries)
  • Partner logos are prohibited in seminar rooms and on stage for more than a few seconds.


Public Relations & Press

  • If interviewed by any kind of press media, clearly state that your Bootcamp is an independently organized Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp. 
  • Moonshot Pirates staff are the only spokespeople for Moonshot Pirates and the Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps as a whole. 
  • Members of the press are not allowed to record your Bootcamp in any way, but you are allowed to share your video and photo material with the media. 


  • You are not allowed to create your own website for your Bootcamp but must use the subsite on that we create for you.

Social Media Profiles

  • Social media profiles you use for promoting your Bootcamp, such as Facebook and Instagram, should have names that mirror your licensed name of your Bootcamp, e.g. MoonshotPiratesBootcamp_Vienna
  • You must use your official Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp logo as your social media profile picture. 
  • Rules regarding naming, partnership, and branding apply to all social media platforms. 

Partners & Social Media

  • You can mention a partner’s specific contribution to your Bootcamp on your social media channels by tagging their social media account or using their hashtag. 
  • You cannot share sponsor content nor post a sponsor logo on its own, but logos are allowed to be visible in an event photo.
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