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There are gazillion problems worth solving, pirate!
Our world is facing 12 Global Grand Challenges. They are interconnected with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. From providing quality education to ensuring food security, access to water, empowering girls, securing sustainable energy and many others – at Moonshot Pirates, we encourage you to explore these challenges and come up with innovative solutions to solve them.

Moonshot Pirates
Moonshot Pirates


You better sail fast, pirate!
The world today is developing at an incredible speed. From Artificial Intelligence to robotics or 3D printing, new technologies are rapidly changing the way we work and live. Life will never again be as slow as it is today. No matter what career you ultimately pursue, you will often need to adapt and innovate to be successful. By creating an understanding of future technologies, current trends, and exponential strategies, we want to help you to create new ideas and innovations in the future.


…and the future is yours!
With the accelerating change of our world, many of the jobs today won’t exist in a couple of years. According to the World Economic Forum, about 65 percent of today’s primary school students may end up doing work that does not even exist yet. At Moonshot Pirates we help you to embrace your entrepreneurial mindset, learn innovative methods and gain the necessary future skills like creativity, complex problem solving, and critical thinking in order to execute your own ideas.

Moonshot Pirates

With great knowledge comes great responsibility, pirate!

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